Skittles is an elegant trophy figurine for the sport of bowling and represents the highest appreciation for exceptional performance. Available in 3 sizes and customizable by engraving. Features an antique gold zamak finish and a black marble base. An unforgettable keepsake for any winner.
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Shipment on 04/22/2024
Trophy contour figure cone old gold on black marble base 17,0cm
Trophy contour figure cone old gold on black marble base 17,0cm
Shipment on 04/22/2024
17,01 € *
Trophy contour figure cone old gold on black marble base 16,0cm
Trophy contour figure cone old gold on black marble base 16,0cm
Shipment on 04/22/2024
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Trophy contour figure cone old gold on black marble base 15,0cm
Trophy contour figure cone old gold on black marble base 15,0cm
Shipment on 04/22/2024
15,51 € *
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Skittles - the perfect trophy figurine for a special moment

Our Skittles trophy figurine inspires as an unmistakable crowning of the day at every competition and is just right for the special event.

Let the big Day of your award winners become unforgettable and experience moments that will be remembered forever with our Skittles trophy figurine!

Thanks to its unique design, the Skittles trophy figurine impresses participants and visitors at first sight. Cone is a real feast for the eyes and thus represents the highest appreciation for exceptional skills.

Holding the Cone trophy figurine in your hands is a breathtaking feeling that never lets go of the proud winner and raises his pulse.

Available in 3 different sizes from 15.0 cm to 17.0 cm, Skittles inspires with its precious look.

The Skittles trophy figurine can be customized and is a symbol of a very special shining triumph after an outstanding performance.

Weighing between 369 g and 560 g, the Skittles trophy figurine fits perfectly in the hand.

Our trophy figurine Skittles is an award from our product line of trophy figurines and has been developed especially for the sport of skittles.

As an everlasting souvenir, the trophy figurine Skittles fits exactly to your very personal competition and is also suitable as a decoration for the showcase or the shelf.

With its individual shape and a surface made of high-quality zamak in antique gold as well as a solid base made of marble in black, Kegel achieves a strong design effect that immediately captivates the viewer.

The shield in gold on the base gives the trophy figure a personal aura. Skittles is as unique as a competition itself.

The custom engraving using modern laser technology gives the Skittles trophy figure its personal character. Even years later, every winner can look back on the moment of honor. The Engraving Plates are made of durable plastic in gold to match the trophy figurine and the base dimensions.

In our product line of trophy figurines, each trophy figurine is something extraordinary.

Cones scores points down to the smallest details with their individual characteristics and through the highest standards of material and workmanship - just like all the pieces in our range.

For your champions, the trophy figurine cone offers a triumphant award of their championship and a very personal memento of their moment of happiness.

Thanks to our meticulous manufacturing process and regular quality control, each and every trophy figurine is a valuable and durable product that each winner can be proud of for years after the event or competition - and will look great at any event.

We are trophy specialists and know that you need just the right trophy figurine for your event. Discover our full range of products for your event. We will do our utmost to make sure that you can carry out your honors with the trophy figurine that is right for you!

Wondering if the trophy figurine cone is right for your event? Let us advise you personally and individually.

Article No

452045761 452045762 452045763


4054047168243 4054047168236 4054047168229


15,0 cm 16,0 cm 17,0 cm


369 g 473 g 560 g


glued glued glued

Engraving shield colour




13,0 cm 13,0 cm 13,0 cm


Zamac Zamac Zamac




Marble Marble Marble



65 mm 65 mm 65 mm


65 mm 65 mm 65 mm


20 mm 30 mm 40 mm

Engraving shield width

55 mm 55 mm 55 mm

Engraving shield height

15 mm 20 mm 30 mm
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