The Firefighter Equipment trophy figurine is a customizable award for firefighting sporting events. The figurine is made of high quality zamak in old gold and a base made of wood in mahogany color. A gold engraving plate completes the design.
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Shipment on 12/12/2023
Trophy zamak figure firefighting equipment old gold on mahogany wooden base 20,5cm
Trophy zamak figure firefighting equipment old gold on mahogany wooden base 20,5cm
Shipment on 12/12/2023
61,50 € *
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Firefighting Equipment - ideal for a grandiose event

Our Firefighting Equipment trophy figurine shines as an unmistakable highlight at any tournament and is precisely tailored to the appropriate occasion.

Capture the big Day for the award winners forever and celebrate moments that will be remembered forever with the Firefighting Equipment trophy figurine!

With its unique design, our Firefighting Equipment trophy figurine fascinates competitors and guests in no time. Firefighting equipment is a real piece of jewelry and thus offers the greatest recognition for exceptional skills.

It is a great feeling to hold the trophy figure Firefighting equipment in the hands, which does not let go of the proud winner and raises his pulse.

The trophy figure Firefighting equipment is 20.5 cm tall and captivates with its valuable design.

The Fire Brigade Equipment trophy figure can be customized and stands as a symbol of a particularly brilliant triumph after an outstanding performance.

With a weight of 978 g, the Fire Brigade Equipment trophy figure fits perfectly in the hand.

The Fire Brigade Equipment trophy figure is an award for the fire department sport and has been specially developed for this sport. The Firefighting Equipment trophy figure is the perfect complement to your own personal event and is also suitable as an everlasting souvenir for the display case or shelf.

With its individual shape and a surface made of high-quality zamak in antique gold and a solid base made of wood in mahogany color, Firefighting Equipment achieves a strong design effect that awakens ambition and encourages top performance.

The shield in gold is shown off to particularly good advantage on the base. Firefighting equipment is as unique as a competition itself.

The very personal engraving with modern laser technology gives the trophy figure firefighting equipment its personal character. Even years later, every winner can look back on the moment of honor. The Engraving Plates made of durable plastic in gold is matched to the trophy figure and to the dimensions of the base.

In our assortment the trophy figure fire department equipment is something extraordinary and of selected quality.

fire department equipment captivates not only by its individual form language, but also in all nuances by excellent quality in processing and material - completely like all pieces in our assortment.

For your winners, the Fire Brigade Equipment trophy figurine offers a triumphant emblem of victory and a personal memento of the supreme moment.

Thanks to our closely monitored production process and thorough quality control, each and every trophy figurine is a high-quality, long-lasting product that every winner can be proud of for years after the event or competition - and that will look great on any occasion.

We are experts in the trophy industry and are convinced that you need just the right trophy figurine for your event. Learn about our full range of products for your competition. So that you can experience your honors with the trophy figure that is right for you - we do our best for that!

You don't know whether the trophy figure fire department equipment really fits exactly to your competition? We will be happy to help you personally with an individual consultation.

Article No





20,5 cm


978 g



Engraving shield colour




17,5 cm









13,0 cm


80 mm


30 mm

Engraving shield width

65 mm

Engraving shield height

20 mm
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