The Clef trophy is a unique award for exceptional achievements in singing-music-sport. It is available in different sizes, customizable and has an exclusive design made of plastic and marble.
from 9,55 € *
Shipment on 05/27/2024
Trophy plastic figure clef gold on black marble base 19,7cm
Trophy plastic figure clef gold on black marble base 19,7cm
Shipment on 05/27/2024
11,95 € *
Trophy plastic figure clef gold on black marble base 18,7cm
Trophy plastic figure clef gold on black marble base 18,7cm
Shipment on 05/27/2024
9,95 € *
Trophy plastic figure clef gold on black marble base 17,7cm
Trophy plastic figure clef gold on black marble base 17,7cm
Shipment on 05/27/2024
9,55 € *
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Clef - a successful award for a special award ceremony

A cup figurine of the series Clef inspires as a very personal highlight at every competition and is just right for the perfect moment.

Let the big Day of your winners become unforgettable and celebrate with the cup figurine Clef moments that will be remembered forever!

Due to its unique design, our cup figurine Clef inspires all guests and participants at the first moment. Clef is a real eye-catcher and is therefore the perfect honor for unique achievements.

It is indescribable to hold the cup figurine Clef in the hands and a great feeling that will not let go of the proud winner and simply causes goose bumps.

Available in - different sizes from 17.7 cm to 19.7 cm, Clef captivates thanks to its exclusive design.

The trophy figurine clef is customizable and symbolizes a particularly honorable triumph achieved after an outstanding performance.

The weight of the trophy figurine clef ranges from 220 g to 426 g and ensures that the trophy figurine fits perfectly in the hand.

Notenschlüssel belongs to our product line - and has been specially designed for the singing-music-sport.

As an everlasting souvenir the cup figurine Notenschlüssel fits perfectly to your very own competition and is also suitable as a decoration for the showcase or the shelf.

With its individual shape and a surface made of high-quality plastic in gold as well as a solid base made of marble in black Notenschlüssel achieves a unique design that immediately captivates the viewer.

The shield in gold comes into its own especially well on the base. Clef is as unique as a competition itself.

A very personal engraving with modern laser technology gives the trophy figure Clef its personal character. Thus, every winner will remember the moment of honor even after years. The Engraving Plates made of durable plastic in gold is matched to the trophy figurine and to the base dimensions.

Our product line - holds many high quality trophy figurines for you.

Like all trophy figurines in our range also clef captivates in the smallest detail by its individual features and by the highest quality in material and workmanship.

Present your winners with the trophy figurine clef a triumphant symbol of their championship and a very personal memento of the moment of success.

Each and every trophy figurine, thanks to our meticulous production process and regular quality checks, is a high-quality, long-lasting piece that each winner will be proud of long after the event or competition is over - and will look great at any event.

We're experts in the trophy industry and know that you need just the right trophy figurine for your event. Learn about our full range of products for your event. We'll do our utmost to make sure you're honoring with the trophy figurine that's right for you!

Unsure if the Clef trophy figurine is the right fit for your event? We will be happy to help you personally with an individual consultation.

Article No

309001246 309003246 309002246


4054047035095 4054047035071 4054047035088


17,7 cm 19,7 cm 18,7 cm


220 g 426 g 320 g


screwed screwed screwed

Engraving shield colour




15,7 cm 15,7 cm 15,7 cm


Plastic Plastic Plastic




Marble Marble Marble



65 mm 65 mm 65 mm


65 mm 65 mm 65 mm


20 mm 40 mm 30 mm

Engraving shield width

55 mm 55 mm 55 mm

Engraving shield height

15 mm 30 mm 20 mm
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Wolfgang G.  from Markgröningen
Super Preis Leistung Verhältnis und sieht sehr hochwertig aus .
Bettina B.  from Stadtbergen
Super schöner Pokal.
Martina G.  from Laupheim
Sieht sehr edel aus. Klare Kaufemfehlung!!!
Susan A.  from Norderstedt
Der Notenschlüssel sieht sehr schön aus.
Antje R.  from Grimma
sehr schnelle Lieferungalles bestens Danke
Valentina H.  from Neumarkt i.d.OPf.
Qualität - Gut Lieferung - mega schnel!
Asterios G.  from Köln
Sehr gut
Katharina F.  from Extertal
Super als Geschenk oder Trophäe für Chormitglieder zum Jubiläum oder so. Sieht hochwertig und gut verarbeitet aus
Hans-Friedel S.  from Saulheim
als geschenk für vereinsmitglieder im musikverein
Maik R.  from TreburTrebur-Geinsheim
Super, immer wieder
Janina R.  from Vollmershain
Produkt wird als vereinsinterner Wanderpokal genutzt. Er sieht sehr edel und gut verarbeitet aus. Für jeden (musikalischen) Freizeitverein empfehlenswert.