Personalize your Modern Pentathlon Trophies and Medals with our high quality Aluminum Insert. Free option with purchase of new awards. Easy to assemble. Give your victories that certain something!
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Shipment on 07/19/2024
Discover the stunning Modern Pentathlon Insert - an ideal accessory to embellish existing Trophies and Medals from past Modern Pentathlon event or tournament! Our conscientiously embossed aluminum Insert is the best solution for those who want to personalize their unused Awards and medals.

The high quality Modern Pentathlon Insert is sturdy and durable, due to its high quality aluminum construction. Give your Trophies and Medals a special touch by personalizing them with this stunning Insert.

Great news for everyone who buys new Trophies and Medals from our online store: A free standard aluminum emblem of your choice is included for free! When customizing your Trophy or Medal, you get to choose the preferred Insert and add it to the cart.

Additionally, we supply a free adhesive dot with each Insert, which makes mounting very easy! Just follow the next steps: Peel off the protective film on one side of the adhesive dot and stick it to the Insert. Then peel off the protective foil on the other side of the adhesive dot and attach the chosen Insert to the desired place on the Trophy or medal.

Don't hesitate and give your Modern Pentathlon awards that certain something with the exclusive Modern Pentathlon Insert! Whether you want to embellish existing Trophies or personalize new Trophies and Medals, we present the best solution for you. Give your event or tournament the final touch and leave an unforgettable impression on participants, spectators and supporters.
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