Cash or material prize prizes cannot replace Trophies or Awards Again and again we see that some organizers, of club tournaments but also of big events, try to make your award ceremonies without cups and trophies. This seems to be an alternative at first glance, but you should take a closer look.

What should cups, trophies and other awards actually aim at This question is the decisive question for any club or organiser. A trophy is not just an object to be presented and at this moment the person to be honoured shines in splendour. No, a trophy is a lot more than that. It is an award that captures memories of a victory and a great event.

Vouchers, books or other articles are not an alternative Those responsible for an event often think about giving the winners a pizza voucher, a cash prize, T-shirts or even towels (seen at major events) as an alternative. But what happens to these products? What is the reminder value of these articles?

    The pizza voucher is usually redeemed on the same day as it is from a local pizzeria. The reminder value is almost non-existent here.
  • A cash prize is very nice but has no reminder value
  • A T-shirt is a way to create a short reminder for the participants. But when worn more often, it washes away or grows out of size. Often it is given then after a few years to the old clothes collection.
  • Towels are almost like T-shirts. But how does an athlete feel who gets a towel after a great performance? Is this an award?

Great memories even by years Trophies and trophies, on the other hand, very often decorate clubhouses, hobby rooms even living rooms and constantly remind one of his successes. However, cups are often packed in cartons and stowed in the attic after an active sporting career. But even if you unpack them after decades, the precious and beautiful memories are back as if it had been yesterday.
The right award for your event When choosing Trophies and Awards, it is not only the price that matters. The award should fit much more to the event and the respective budget. With us, you will find the right Trophy for every event, from small participant trophies to large and premium trophies. Glass Awards offer a nice alternative to conventional Trophies and are besides sports events, club honors also the ideal award for corporate events.

> With us you will find the right Awards for your event. We hope you enjoy browsing through our online store.

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Michael Dreßler
30.08.2022 06:14
Eure Pokale sind einfach eine Wucht, kommen gut an. Wir in unserem Bundesligatippclub sind begeistert, macht einfach weiter so.