Las Vegas Trade Fair 2022

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Las Vegas Trade Fair 2022 Last week I was on a business trip to Las Vegas. The world's largest trade show #APExpo22 for trophies and awards took place there. I attended various technical presentations and technical discussions, and was on the lookout for new products and manufacturing methods. It was a good time to meet our suppliers from all over the world in person again after the long period of online meetings.

In addition to exchanging ideas with our suppliers, we were able to discuss new products and work together to find solutions to maintain supply chains during challenging times. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers could be present, so I will make further trips in the coming weeks to meet with them as well. There are still important things to discuss for the upcoming season. My team behind me will already do everything in this time to bring more products in our online store which we have -as in the past- all in stock and thus have an extremely high delivery capacity.

If you have any product ideas or requests for your event or suggestions for us, don't hesitate to let us know! We are always open and happy for any inspiring idea.
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