The Musiknote trophy figurine is a personal award for outstanding achievements in music sports. With its unique design made of high quality zamak and sandstone, it is an eye-catcher at any contest.
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Shipment on 03/27/2023
Trophy contour figure music note old gold on sandstone 24.3cm
Trophy contour figure music note old gold on sandstone 24.3cm
Shipment on 03/27/2023
38,36 € *
Musiknote - a personal award for a great day

Our Musiknote trophy figurine inspires as a very personal highlight at every tournament and is exactly tailored to the perfect moment.

Let the most important Day for your winners become immortal and experience moments that provide emotions with your Musiknote trophy figurine!

Due to its special design, the Musiknote trophy figurine fascinates guests and competitors at the first moment. Musiknote is a real eye-catcher and thus shows the greatest appreciation for outstanding skills.

It is something very special to hold the trophy figurine Musiknote in your hands and a great feeling that will not let go of the happy winner and raise his pulse.

Our trophy figurine Musiknote is 24.3 cm tall and captivates thanks to its successful design.

The Musiknote trophy figurine can be individualized and symbolizes a particularly brilliant triumph after an outstanding performance.

With a weight of 707 g, the Musiknote trophy figurine fits perfectly in the hand.

Our Musiknote trophy figurine is an award for music sports and has been specially designed for this sport. The cup figurine Musiknote fits perfectly to your very individual competition and is also suitable as an everlasting souvenir for the showcase or the shelf.

With its expressive shape and a surface made of high quality zamak in antique gold as well as a stable base made of sandstone in sandstone, Musiknote achieves a unique design that immediately captivates the viewer.

The shield in silver on the base gives the cup figurine a personal aura. Musiknote is as unique as a competition itself.

A very personal engraving with modern laser technology gives the Musiknote trophy figure its personal character. So every winner will remember the moment of the honor even after years. The Engraving Plates is made of durable plastic in silver, and is matched to the trophy figure and to the base dimensions.

Musiknote is the right trophy figure and something very special and of selected quality.

Like all products in our range, Musiknote also convinces down to the smallest detail by its individual characteristics and by the highest quality in materials and workmanship.

A consummate award of victory and a touching memento of their moment of happiness - that's what the Musiknote trophy figurine means to your winners.

Thanks to our special care in manufacturing and strict quality control, every single trophy figurine is a high-quality, long-lasting piece that will look good at any event - and that every winner will be proud of for years after the event or competition.

You need just the right trophy figurine for your event. We are the experts in the trophy industry. Discover our full range of products for your event. Experience your honors with the trophy figurine that is right for you - we give everything for that!

You wonder if the trophy figurine Musiknote fits exactly to your tournament? We are happy to advise you personally and individually.


24,3 cm


707 g



Engraving shield colour




12,3 cm









50 mm


40 mm


12,0 cm

Engraving shield width

45 mm

Engraving shield height

22 mm
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