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A trophy is a sign of victory. Something that sportsmen and sportswomen can proudly hold aloft while cheering. It's not by chance that at almost every championship and tournament, a trophy beckons to the winner.
Excerpt from our references

Deutscher Tennis Bund
Erste Westernreiter Union Westfalen e.V.
Landesfechtverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.
Hessischer Tennis-Verband
Classic Sprint
Tennis-Club SCC
TV Refrath1893 e.V.
Motorsport-Club Fulda e.V. im DMV
Tennis Service Wingert
Landes-Kanu-Verband Brandenburg e. V.

We offer you a wide variety and selection in our online store. It is important to us that your trophy purchase is as simple, fast and secure as possible. With the help of our intuitive configuration during the ordering process, you can easily and quickly customize each trophy to your liking, whether 1 or 100 trophies are needed.

In different ways - the trophy

Cups are available for purchase in all imaginable shapes and colors. Whether classic with chalice or as a trophy figure, in column form or glass optics, open to the top or closed, small or large, round or flat, with marble base, with emblems or personalized signs. And provided with an engraving, the cups can be easily individualized. In short, they are the eye-catcher of any award ceremony.

Trophies help to preserve the emotions of victories

Trophies have a seemingly magical attraction. They are not simply proof of an extraordinary sporting achievement, but for every athlete/athlete they are also a precious reminder of that very moment. That's because trophies help us capture our emotions about our sporting achievements. They convey awe and recognition in equal measure.

Every trophy an eye-catcher

And every renewed look at the trophy triggers renewed pride. Whether subtly colored shimmering glass cups or honors in classic goblet optics - with us you can order your desired cup individually or as a series of cups immediately individualized. A beautiful eye-catcher are also our design cups.

In series - trophies in different sizes

Widely better known as cup series, you can get trophies of the same kind in different sizes with us. Taking into account the number of people being honored, you can quickly and easily buy any number of cups of one type from us. No matter if you honor only the three highest placed or a variety of different age groups and years.

Keep the variety in mind

You can:

  • Eco Trophies
  • Classic Trophies
  • Premium Trophies
  • Pillar Trophies
  • Design Trophies
  • and buy many other types of trophies. Among other things, trophies specifically for tennis, handball, soccer and many more sports. There is something for everyone!

    Buy a Trophy - there are some things to consider

    Before you or your club board buy a trophy, medal or award, it is particularly important to consider some things. On what occasion are cups and awards presented? We give to consider that a cup is not a gift, but an appreciation, a recognition of outstanding achievements is or should be. Choose a model that fits your event and does justice to the winner. You should pay attention to the quality.

    High quality and durable

    We care about the highest quality and customer satisfaction. All our trophies are therefore made of metal or high quality plastic. Due to the high quality and durable, the trophy will preserve the memories of victory for a long time. Preserved memory so to say.

    The vision of Helm Trophy:

    "Helping people to keep the emotions of victories."

    What would a trophy be without engraving?

    Your personal engraving is free with us. We attach a high-quality engraving plate on the base of the trophy, which is provided with your desired text. Simply specify in your order in the configuration.

    Buy trophies - take advantage of advice

    If you and your club buy trophies or medals from us and there should still be questions, do not hesitate, contact us! We are happy to help you, because YOU are our focus.