Club Discount

as a club you save twice with us

As a club you save with us from the first order! Since 12 May 2022 we have introduced the club discount. You will receive this discount when ordering as a club with a club account. If your club already has a customer account, the discount is automatically applied.

Club Discount = 5%

Customer Loyalty Discount

Loyalty pays off

We are convinced that customer loyalty should be rewarded. Therefore, we have decided to introduce a discount system from January 15, 2009.

Since we ourselves know that it is best to save cash directly when ordering. and not have to redeem any points within the next 6 months, so that they do not expire, we have decided to the following system:

Automatically all your orders are considered, which have made since 07 December 2007 in our store and are completely finished. Depending on the turnover, you will receive the individual discount rates on your future orders.

Discount rate in percent
Minimum turnover in EUR
1.000,00 €
2.500,00 €
5.000,00 €
10.000,00 €
15.000,00 €
20.000,00 €

Please note that the discount level achieved in each case applies to the next order and cannot be applied to back orders. In the case of returns, the discount levels will be adjusted accordingly and if necessary recalculated.

For the discount calculation applies in each case the gross order value of the order including shipping costs.

Products with customer-specific prices and custom-made products are excluded from our loyalty discount.