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Special achievements deserve special recognition. Whether the triumph of the moment or many years of outstanding commitment - the right honorary award sets the great moments of life in the right light.
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Whether it is the long hoped-for victory in a sports competition, the horse show won or simply a thank you for the valuable work done quietly in the background in an voluntary position. No matter how big or small the occasion, the presentation of an award is usually the most emotional event of the entire day. In the ceremony, successes are honored and rewarded and the pride can be seen in athletes even at a great distance. Often, the honoring of volunteers or athletes also brings tears to the eyes, but in any case, this moment remains in the memory for a long time. An honorary award always keeps its history alive even after many years and is a beautiful reminder of an important time and the people who shaped it.

The right honorary award for your ceremony can be many things: a high-quality wooden plaque in traditional design with individual engraving or a noble figure in a modern or classic look. But also the traditional opulent winner's wreath or the colorful tournament ribbon for the fastest and best, create space for the most beautiful memories. Thanks to individualization with a personal message, such an honorary award is also perfectly suited as an unforgettable tribute to jubilarians, friends or club colleagues. In the display case or on the wall, it will continue to make an impression and generate conversations for a long time to come. Individualized inserts or plates applied to the awards makes a perfect souvenir. All of our awards, from wooden plaques to golden winner figurines, can be ordered directly here with free engraving.