Petra medal is a customizable oak veneer medal with a unique look. It is made of sturdy oak veneer, has a diameter of 7 cm and weighs 10 grams.
from 5,87 € *
Available in 1-2 Business days*² with galley proof
Wooden medal Petra oak veneer in size 7,0cm
Wooden medal Petra oak veneer in size 7,0cm
Available in 1-2 Business days*² with galley proof
5,87 € *
With +/- you can change the number of pieces of all variants.
Petra - a medal for a special award ceremony.

Our Petra medal shines as a very personal highlight at every competition and is tailored to your very special event. Capture the important Day for your winners forever and relive moments of great emotion with our Petra medal!

With its individual shape and a surface consisting of high-quality oak veneer, Petra has a unique look that awakens desires and inspires new records.

Our Petra medal is made of robust oak veneer, which gives the Petra medal a unique look. The oak veneer is 3mm thick, making it built to last for eternity. Thanks to its unique design, our Petra medal will convince all participants and guests at the first moment. Petra is a real piece of jewelry and thus represents the highest honor for great skills.

It is a great feeling to hold the Petra medal in your hands, which completely fills the happy winner and makes his heart beat faster.

Weighing 10 g, the medal can be perfectly worn around the neck. Petra has a diameter of 7.0 cm.

The Petra medal fits perfectly to your very personal competition and is also suitable as an everlasting souvenir for the display case or the shelf.

The Petra medal is suitable for any occasion and is deliberately kept neutral in its design.

With our configurator you have the possibility to personalize the Petra medal with a 40.0 cm long cord. All cords are made of 100 percent polyester, making your Petra medal a personal memento of victory.

With an engraving on the front, you can customize your Petra medal exactly how you want it. In our configurator you will find standard graphics that you can additionally individualize with text. You also have the option to upload your own motif and personalize the medal with text

Laser engraving is free with the Petra medal. After your order we will make a so-called proof, i.e. a preview of the laser engraving. You will receive this draft by e-mail. Only when you are 100% happy with the design, your medal will be produced.

Due to our special care in manufacturing and thorough quality control, every single medal is a durable and valuable product that every winner will be proud of long after the event or competition - and that will look good at every event.

As experts in the trophy industry, we know that you want to find the right medal for your event. Explore our full range of products for your event. We're on fire to make sure you're honoring with the medal that's right for you!

Still wondering if the Petra medal is right for your event? We will be happy to help you personally with an individual consultation.


Oak Veneer


10 g


70 mm

Mounting type


Fastening material

100% polyester

Mounting length

40,0 cm
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