Ability to supply and fast delivery times

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Ability to supply and fast delivery times

Dear customers,

I am pleased to inform you that as an online store for Trophies, Medals and Awards, we are fully stocked and ready to deliver everything in our 2000 square meter warehouse. With our modern production facilities and experienced staff, we are able to produce and ship almost everything within 24 hours.


Our warehouse is located in the center of Europe, which allows us to have the packages of awards arrive at our customers in the shortest possible time, minimizing the waiting time for your orders. With our centralized storage and modern production methods, we have a fast and reliable shipping time, which allows us to provide our customers with excellent service.

We know that time is sometimes tight, especially when it comes to organizing competitions, award ceremonies or other important events. In order to provide you with a stress-free service, we are committed to processing your orders quickly and efficiently and delivering the awards in a timely manner.

Our product line includes a wide range of Trophies, Medals and Awards that we can offer you. We are available to help you choose the perfect awards for your event and help you preserve the emotion of victories.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for your confidence in our service.

Best regards,
Christian Helm

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