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In this category you have a choice of various skiing figures. They are an popular alternative to common trophies or a great attention for the skiers of your choice. From a plasticfigures to a stylish metal figures, we've got something for everyone.

Small, medium, large - your figure in the optimal size

We offer skiing figures in various sizes and prices. The plastic figures slalom or some of our resin figures are great as a little attention in between. But you can also use them for all participants at a major competition.

Ski equipment and ski boot - a "Must-Have" for every skier

Metal figures in various designs are exclusive and bigger attentions and will be mounted on a wooden base. They are an ideal alternative to traditional trophies at ski-jump competition. Pick the figures of your choice and hand them at your next award ceremony over.

Individual and free engraving

Our skiing figures can be customized with an individual engraving. The engraving plate and your individual engraving, which is pocessed in our in-house production, are free of charge.

Which character would you like? You have the choice.

Choose your favourite ski figures of our collection now and make a special person a special pleasure!

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