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You will find a wide selection of fine fishing sport figures in this category.

Shapely awards for all enthusiastic anglers

The great sport figures for fishing look very classy and are suitable for both angling clubs and for anglers. Passionate fishermen will be stoked by the stylish sport figures and inspired to peak their performances. The various figures are an exceptional alternative to traditional trophies.

Many beautiful fishing figures

All models in this category have the issue fishing in common: The motifs show noble figures and replicas of various anglers or fishing. The figures are made of several materials such as plastic, metal or resin. Thanks to the high-quality processing, you will be able enjoy your characters for a long time. You have the choice between gold-, silver- and bronze-coloured as well as different sizes, to honour the first three ranks.

Free and individual engraving

The fishing figures own a large base, which offers enought space for an individual engraving. The engraving plate and the engraving are free of charge.

Exquisite figures with special designs

Our zamak figures with unique designs such as the curved fish, the angling equipment or the brailer are especially classy. Figures within the framework or the "Angler at the Jetty" are suited for very noble and for special occasions.

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