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In this category you can discover our shapely volleyball figures for your next competition!

Great figures for your club

Our beautiful volleyball figures are a great award to honour outstanding performances in volleyball. Both at club competitions and at other sport events, the noble designs of your figures will motivate the athletes to peak their performance. These extraordinary figures are a popular alternative to traditional cups.

Disover our wide range of volleyball figures

We offer a wide range volleyball figures, dealing with topic of ball games. For example, you can choose the classic motif of a volleyball player in the typical pose. This figure is available in a male and a female silhouette and three different sizes.

Extensive material- and colour-variety

The volleyball figures are made of metal, plastic, resin or zamak. All materials are very stable, which guarantees a long durability. To distinguish the first three ranks we offer metal awards in a gold-, silver- and bronze-coloured look.

Individual and free engraving

All figures are mounted on a large base, which offers enough space for an individual engraving. The engraving plate and the engraving are free of charge. For questions regarding our assortment or about your purchase, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will advise you.

Explore our category of volleyball figures now and discover your favourite motif!