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Trophies for referees with free engraving

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We offer a large selection of referees figures in different materials and shapes: for example soccer-, golf- or tennis-referees. We've got something for everybody!

Engraving plate: customize your figure for free

Our figures are mounted on a large base, which provides enough space for an individual inscription. The engraving plate and your individual engraving are free of charge. Our service guarantees an individual and personal figure with your own personal message.

Popular alternative to traditional trophies

Our referee figures are made of different materials such as plastic or metal. Additionally some parts are processed with wood and sandstone. Some are made of a the high quality zinc-base die-casting alloy "zamak". All figures own a classy design, which underlines the cup character.

Figures up to 24,5 cm

The various referees figures measure between 10.5 and 24.5 cm. They convince not only with a ideal size, but also with a detailed and elegant processing. The creative designs, such as the referee equipment or the umpire chair are attractively arranged and stand for an individual design.

The special pleasure for the special referee

Our referees figures are ideal for special occasions. Choose among many different materials and designs the appropriate one and make a special referee, a very special and personal pleasure.

Discover now our perfect figures for your favourite referee!