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Trophies for baseball with free engraving

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In this category you will find many shapely baseball figures for the next award ceremony of your baseball team!

Great honour for special achievements in baseball

The noble baseball figures are perfectly suited to honour outstanding achievements in baseball. Your club members will love our great awards. This exceptional awards are a great alternative to traditional trophies.

Large selection of beautiful figures

We offer a variety of stylish baseball figures in this category. These figures are made of several materials such as solid wood, metal or resin. Thanks to our high-quality processing, you can enjoy your characters for a long time. You have the choice between gold-, silver- and bronze-coloured as well as different sizes, to honour the first three places.

Individual and free engraving

These baseball figures own a large base, which offers enough space for an individual engraving. The engraving plate and the engraving are free of charge.

Huge motif and colour variety

The baseball figures own different motives and show either a male or female player in a classic baseball pose. You can choose between three different sizes. These figures own noble look and are a very special award for every player.

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