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In this category we offer a variety of special fire brigade figures for your next distinction.

Awesome figures for firefighter

The fire brigade figures are excellent as award for competitions around the topic of fire and firefighting. The firefighters figures are wonderful to hand over a small thank-you gift to the fire department. The figures with their beautiful designs are a great alternative to traditional trophies.

Many materials and colours to choose from

The figures deal with the theme of fire and firefighting. The shapely firefighters figures are available in different materials such as plastic, metal, resin or the noble zamak. The classic motif shows a metal firefighter with firehose available in the a gold-, silver- and bronze-coloured design. We also offer various sizes of the firefighter figures to honour the first three places due.

Individual and free engraving

All figures are mounted on a large base, which offers enough space for an individual engraving. The engraving plate and the engraving are free of charge. With an engraving the trophies get a personal touch, which will always remind the winners back to this day.

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